vlogs: DollFaceBarbie

I know very little about video blogs (vlogs) and I want this to change. The only vlogger I have spent time with is DollFaceBarbieTM, a 23 year old androgynous model from L.A. who is the “first gay Barbie on the internet” (naturally I heard about him from a student via Facebook). Only the vlogging medium can do justice to what DollFaceBarbie presents to the world. How else could subscribers see his baby hair techniques (264,810 views) and hear the twangy cadence of his voice? No audio on blogs, no visual on podcasts. (Some vloggers who also write embed videos into blogs; others, like DollFaceBarbie, prefer creating a YouTube channel.)

DollFaceBarbie has 34,679 subscribers–pretty good for a “niche market.” One of my favorite posts is “Being Gay……My Story/Advice,” (fast-forward a bit if you don’t want a fashion rundown first) (95,373 views).

Please, readers, if you know of any other phenomenal vloggers, please share. I would love to use vlogs in a new media class to discuss online self-representation, self-publishing, and ethics (for instance, the ethics of the “haul video” phenomenon).

barbieboy vlog link


2 responses to “vlogs: DollFaceBarbie

  1. This is a really interesting vlog! Thanks for sharing. vlogs definitely bring a blog post to life (literally!), and this one is a great example how powerful vlogs can be.

    • Thanks, Adrienne!

      I also found out that many deaf bloggers use vlogs to share their thoughts in sign language. I watched this one from an ASL educator a bit last night http://www.joeybaer.com/ and would definitely use it to teach students about posting for an intended audience, and how to recognize when you aren’t the intended audience (not always as easy as it is for hearing visitors to Joey Baer’s site).


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