reading crime

reading crime: I’m trying to figure out why, when I want a book to blaze through for sheer “entertainment” value, I choose crime, and not just happy-go-lucky crime (No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency), but gritty, dark crime. Not just mystery–as in my younger days of obsession with Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew–but stories that involve brutal death and the search for justice through the police procedural subgenre. Most of these books could be adapted to 2 hour TV shows (as Mankell’s have been), and the experience of reading them is very much like “watching” a more in-depth, more psychologically gripping CSI, or NCIS, or Dexter, or (my favorite) Waking the Dead. Maybe there’s just something about reading a series that has, in itself, always been thrilling to me. And reading duds so that I can find a few authors I really cherish. Thoughts?


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