Living Dead Girl

Elizabeth Scott, 2008, 170 pgs.

Starkly written, swiftly moving, and totally disturbing. Alice was kidnapped by Ray when she was ten and is kept as a sexual slave in his trailer home. Now she is 15, and he sends her to a playground to find a new little girl for him, since she is growing curves that he despises. There are many scenes of forced sex, and his verbal abuse and control over her is disgustingly real. She has a survivor’s spirit, though, and begins to plan her escape. The lost and horny teenaged boy she enlists as her aid adds another depressing layer to the plot.

If this book were in my library, would I feel compelled to put a warning on it? I am not usually disturbed by texts and images that haunt many of my peers, but the violence here was shocking and unrelenting. Since sexual violence towards children and adolescents does exist, however, this compelling and well-written book deserves to be on library shelves for high school students to read.


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