Heist Society

Ally Carter, 2010, 287 pgs.

YA heist novel

Yuck. This book was recommended by teens on the New York Public Library blog, and the idea of an art heist thriller with teen characters appeals to me, but YUCK. Disney publishes this book, and it seems ready-made for a Disney movie with the usual merchandising roll-out. Picture a teen Julia Roberts in a black turtleneck, tight pants, a mini-mag flashlight, and Audrey Hepburn shades. She has a rich and infamous art thief dad who has been accused of stealing from a really bad guy, who then gives her two weeks to get him back his paintings. . . or else. Plug in scenes at a posh private school, posh hotel rooms, limousines, cute guys, and museums in Paris and Rome, and you’ve got the gist of it.

What happens next? I have no idea. I couldn’t stomach it anymore, so I stopped reading.


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